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Image by Clément Falize


You Don't Get to Rest If You Are Poor

Stephen Taylor

Photo by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco on Unsplash

You don’t get to rest if you are poor.

Hard work for holidays doesn’t exist;

Come home—if you have one—Grandfather’s mattress

Collapse and sleep and go again.


Children choose hunger so parents can eat.

Stomach growling silently filled with watery soup;

Fantasy fills the void.


Mocked for clothes that do not last

Worn to rags and patched up again.

No newness is no news

Tomorrow walks in worn-out shoes.


Stress of survival draws lines on the soul

Children who grow up are older than all

Repeat the same lives as their parents have led

World on their shoulders a heart made of lead.

Pull up your bootstraps and chin to the sky

The rich ones have promised and they wouldn’t lie

A lifetime of hardship with pennies in hand

The poor must be fallowed to harvest the land.


As Life Sings

By Stephen taylor

As life sings

About birds on uplifted wings

Mighty emperors, strong kings

In the midst of all these things

Who remembers what disaster brings

Upon the weak?

Or does grace not leak

To the downtrodden or the meek

As they strive, work and seek

To become the bird with wing and beak

As life sings...


Photo by James Bekkers on Unsplash


I Cannot Dance Without You In My Arms

Stephen Taylor

I cannot dance without you in my arms.

Come embrace me sweet love

And move with me through mountains

High and crested as waves

We plunge beneath to find calm

Of soft hills underfoot blanket

White snow covered landscapes

And spring forevermore.

Dance with me, my love

And find the rush of life surround

Our joined souls.


Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

This is where the dragons live

Stephen  Taylor

This is where the dragons live

Beneath the lies that don’t forgive

And untold burdens of the heart

Never heal so never scar.


This is where the dragons live.


Deep beneath the burrows bare

Ever feasting in their lair

Inescapable in their thirst

Always ravenous for the first

Sign of life beyond the grave

Hope that future could be saved

Devoured and burned they will consume

Every chance they will assume

For this, is where the dragons live



Deep down inside




Where you can’t forgive.


Photo by Cassi Josh on Unsplash

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