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I Am Courageous

I have anxiety, but anxiety does not define me.

I have anxiety, therefore courage defines me.

Every day that I live I overcome fear. Every action I take is a step of courage. When COVID hit and there were so many people not knowing how to deal with the fear and anxiety a pandemic brought…that emotional strain is my everyday life. And I felt no greater anxiety about it than any other day. In fact I felt, for once, that I was not alone in my struggle. And I felt, for once, as if my struggle was finally justifiable. As if I didn’t believe that the struggle I had was honourable: that it was just a weakness, and a symbol of my failure as a human being. But now I have seen how so many have collapsed at such a small taste of my everyday, and I know that I am strong. And I get to lead yet again, only this time I lead in the strength of my weakness. In the familiarity of my fear. I am courageous, and maybe now the world can see that.

Maybe now I can see that.


Photo by Farrel Nobel on Unsplash

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